In the picture Bella Paola Guerrero de Cohenj and David Cohen in the teisting room

Ainoa Winery Finnviini Oy

Ainoa Winery`s story

Ainoa Winery`s world class wines from Hollola

When Paola & David came to Finland, they just wanted to make wine as a hobby like they had in the US.  But there was a problem; Finland does not grow wine grapes, so they tried making wine from berries.  The results surprised them.  The quality of wine is limited by the quality of its fruit, and Finnish berries are exceptional.  In 2014 they founded Ainoa Winery to make local wines that everyone in Finland could be proud of

But they have achieved far more than that.

The small winery tucked away in the rural village of Miekkiö has placed Finland on the world’s wine map. Using wild ingredients gathered from the Finnish forests and berries grown locally, Ainoa’s wines have won awards in Germany, the US and the prestigious competitions of France.  We are the only winery in the Nordic region that the Oenologists of France have commended for the quality of our wines, and the only winery in the world to have ever received that honor using berries instead of grapes. In 2019 Ainoa Winery was awarded the Embla Nordic Food Artisan trophy for our contribution to Nordic food culture. 

We offer tours, tastings and direct sales for our products containing < 13% Alc., as well as a selection of high-quality products from other local companies. 

Sit and enjoy a glass of wine in our tasting room, or in summertime outdoors in the sun.  Groups can pre-book a structured food/wine pairing to experience the wonder of how a proper combination can generate enjoyment above its individual elements. 

See how we use methods based on southern European winemaking traditions to make berry wines of a quality that rivals the best grape wines in the world.

Welcome to visit us !

Paola & David Cohen


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